Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let Me Take a #Shelfie!

Styling bookshelves is one of the biggest home decor trends right now.  It also happens to be one of my favorite things to do! Bookshelves aren't just the best place to store your library of books, but they're also the perfect place to show off your personal style!

I purchased two galvanized metal shelves from IKEA, called the HYLLIS for $15 a piece (deal of the century!) They reside on either side of my entertainment shelf (that my dad made for me.)  The shelves are pretty sturdy considering how inexpensive they were, and  can hold a decent amount of weight, though I probably wouldn't put anything super heavy on the top shelves just in case.

The color scheme of my living room involves multiple shades of grey, mixed with gold and silver metallics and touches of white and black.  I added pops of brighter colors with flowers and books (since they are bookshelves, of course.)  There are plenty of pictures of friends and family, as I like to be surrounded by my loved ones, but any kind of art to add interest is always a good idea.  You'll find plenty of knick-knacks scattered about my house, especially on shelves.  Growing up, my grandmother collected hundreds of tiny figurines, which I guess is a trait that I inherited (though I'm not quite to her level, yet.)

The most important thing to remember when styling shelves is balance.  I like to use books to create platforms that create visual interest, and also add color and personality.  On my shelves, you'll find books ranging from street style anthologies to great American novels.  Creating different levels on each shelf allow the eyes to naturally move across the display, which is a big rule in visual merchandising.  

I hope you like my shelves, and I would love to see your #shelfies! What do you like to store on your shelves?  Do you have a special collection that you like to display?  Lemme see them!

xo, Jodi

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