Originally a fashion blog, Young Cat Lady started out as a summer project to keep me sane.  After graduating from Indiana University in May of 2013 with an Apparel Merchandising degree, I was on the hunt for a job.  I felt that the first job I got would be my dream job. Newsflash: it wasn't.  After 3 months of job searching, I ended up in a retail position and I'm still in that position today.  My problem is that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, which is a weird predicament to be in when you're 26 years old.  Once again, Young Cat Lady is here to keep me sane as I do some soul searching to find out what makes me happy.  To be honest, this blog made me extremely happy, so I'm back to try it again! Welcome to my journey!

xo, Jodi

P.S. Meet my kitties, Kika and Lina, to whom this blog is dedicated.

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