Thursday, August 18, 2016

30 Before 30

In June, I turned 26 years old.  I feel like I'm moving swiftly towards 30, which frightens me.  I love my 20s.  The first half was crazy while my second half has started out calmly.  I've accomplished a lot of my life's to-do list, but there are so many more things that I want to do.  This post is my vow to complete a list of 30 things that I've always wanted to do/try before my 30th birthday in 2020.  Granted, I have 4 years to accomplish this list, but some things are going to require some planning and saving.  I'll post updates as I complete them. 

My 25th birthday!

Jodi's 30 Before 30!

1. Visit Tokyo, Japan
2. Attend a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado
3. Learn to watercolor paint
4. Enroll in a yoga class
5. Attend NYFW
6. Learn to bake from scratch
7. Perfect the smokey eye
8. Sell/Show a piece of art
9. Get LASIK eye surgery
10. Experience Christmastime in NYC
11. Improve my photography
12. Host a Thanksgiving dinner
13. Explore at least one National Park
14. Compete in a race/competition
15. Take a girls trip with friends
16. Get a new tattoo
17. Conquer my fear of donating blood
18. Attend an NBA game
19. Go to the Kentucky Derby
20. Take a graphic design course
21. Find a career that I'm passionate about
22. Eat at a 5-star restaurant 
23. Perform karaoke 
24. Splurge on a fashion item I've always lusted after
25. Volunteer
26. Beat a video game
27. Learn an instrument
28. Visit a Disney park as an adult
29. Learn to play one of my boyfriend's favorite games with him
30. Take my friend's children for a day so they can have a spa day 

I'm excited to take on this list! Wish me luck!

What are some things on your 30 before 30 or bucket lists?

xo, Jodi

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